How to trade IPO & Demerged stocks

   What should I do post the listing of an IPO or de-merger stocks ?
   Should I hold it or sell it as there is no data on charts? 

   Join our webinar to learn a strategy to invest in an IPO or de-merger stocks with the help of charts right from the day of listing.

    What you will learn:
    - Action to be taken on the day of listing 
    - If not allotted in IPO, should I buy or not on day of listing.
    - How to trail the profits and Stop losses. 
    - The Entry & Exit strategy.
    - Risk Management & Position Sizing.
    - Case studies with Old and recent IPO.
    Points to ponder :
   - Applicable to IPO and De-merged companies.
   - Simple & Easy to understand strategy to take quick action.
   - Learn to trade/invest effectively with help of technical analysis.

   - You will get 2 months recording access.
- You can ask your queries/doubts on WhatsApp( No: 98214 70567 ) for next 2 months .
-You will get IPO (new listing) setup rules notes soft copy.

Recorded Session


2 Hours 

Fees:  590/- (Including GST)
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